Thursday, 25 January 2007

Celebrate, for Firebug is finally "One dot oh"!

One of the most indespensible web developer Firefox addons has finally turned to version 1.0. Although it has been running smooth since its beta release, those people who have until now not been using the beta version and have still been hanging about a bit handycapped with 0.4.1 will receive notification via the addons update section of Firefox.

Just to make it clear 0.4.1 and 1.0 of Firebug are 2 completely different worlds and people will be surprised and delighted. I reported on the beta version in a previous blog entry, so i will just line out the main changes with links to the site.

So if you have not used Firebug yet, or are still running on beta or 0.4.1 be sure to go and get the latest release and if you can, please support this project, so it can evolve further:

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