Friday, 24 November 2006 1.7 beta

With the Web 2.0 waves finally washing up more than small treasures on the digital shores, Effect.morph will cling to the beach with release 1.7. Finally what once was the success of Flash is coming to the world without plug-ins, tweening and morphing of text and visual elements by changing the CSS sequentially between different states.

At work i have been using for a few projects now, one that was supposed to imitate a little flash application as far as possible with . The success was settled at 95%. Nevertheless making out a visual difference is hard and i was delighted to see an application that came up to the design motion tweening effects of flash, while still remaining searchable, content selectable and valid HTML/XHTML.
On my team we are trying out many of the nice elements possible with on smaller projects to get to know its uses and then start to push the border further to see what can be done with the big fish. My smile grows wider with each step.

So suck it up Flash, your days are not over, but there is new code on your turf that does not only appeal to a brilliant design, but also to brilliant code and a world with a few less constraints. Yes, is about freedom. Though i would like to quote Public Enemy with “Don’t believe the hype!”, i would like you to give it a chance and when you have tasted enough, you will want more.

Good night from a world with a few more worthwhile choices.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Get a snoop at Firebug 1.0

As my first post, i would like to point out Firebug, a Firefox extension. In short you can track your Javascript, CSS, HTML easily with this tool, through a console, debugger and inspector.

Now Firebug is nearing its completion for version 1.0 with a wide array of new features, where you will be able to take more action, modifying HTML, CSS, Javascript on the fly. So the soon to be released 1.0 will be a great step forward for this nifty tool. Have a look for yourself at

Current working version for Firefox 2.0 and lower can be found at .