Saturday, 23 June 2007

Safari 3.0.2, finally an (international) Beta

When Safari 3.0b was released for Windows and Max OS X on 12th, June, it was rather a disappointment for the non U.S. residents, since there were problems with displaying fonts. Also there were other issues related to crashes and errors.

If you ask me, at that stage Safari was an Alpha release, disguised as a beta since the release was coordinated with Steve Jobs appearance on WWDC.

Apart from this minor disappointment Safari developer were fast to fix these errors in Safari 3.0.2. Safari renders fast and correctly now. Bookmarks are finally working too. Also there have been enhancements in terms of adjusted keyboard shortcuts and mouse navigation options which Windows users are used to.

What really stands out though is the Web Inspector, which is not present in the distributed release, but in the curent Webkit nightly. Granted, it is yet not as powerful as Firebug on Firefox, but i think since safari is still Beta, we might be seeing some more from that side. Elements can be selected and CSS can be viewed in similar ways to Firebug. KB usage, Display time for loading pages are displayed very neatly in a typical Apple way. Clear, with simple colors and order. I think in this aspect Firebug could learn form Web Inspector. Otherwise Firebug/Firefox are still my personal power tools for web development debugging.

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